My Fish


Date : 26.09.2009
Caught by : Britains best angler
Fish caught in : Fishing aboard Moonstone just out of Cowes Harbour, IOW
Fishing style : Boat
Tackle used : Squid and Mackerel cocktail
Length : 63.5 cm
Weight : 3lb
Fish released? : No
Weather : Sunny with no wind!

Well it was one hell of a fishing trip that day. I was with my Dad, Grandad, my friend, his Dad and obviously the skipper aboard Moonstone. We left the harbour at 8:30 to go to 3 hotspots in search for the start of cod. We came out of cowes and had a half hour trip to sandown bay. I was the 1st one to catch a doggie and from then on didn't stop catching. Later on in the day at our second spot i caught a 12lb undulate and a 9lb skate all within 30 minutes. There were dogfish, whiting, mackerel, pout, rays and bass being caught and i was the one who got the bass as u can see! We moved back to our 3rd spot just out of cowes and saw 3 other boats which said that there were fish there. My friend had never been out on a boat before, he mainly goes to our local pier and has had some good fish. We hadn't had a bite for 15 minutes when suddenly........ he had a bite. He picked up his rod and struck quickly, FISH ON!! he shouted. It was great to see the bend of a rod again. I asked him if it was nodding its head, and he said yeah. we all thought it must be a cod. From the bottom of the sea up came a COD!! At last, we all happily said. The fish weighed in to be just over 9lb which was his biggest yet so he was thrilled.
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